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Building Your Karaoke Song Collection

    If you're just starting out you should purchase one of the karaoke disc sets such as the Sound Choice Foundation, or the DKK Millennium Set. Either one of these will give you a good selection of standard and frequently requested songs. To add a great collection of the latest songs I suggest that you purchase all the Top Hits Monthly discs in the Country, Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock categories published over the past 12 months. The great thing in buying all these discs from the same manufacturer is the absence of duplicate songs.

    There are many karaoke CDG brands available of varying quality. The three I mentioned above are among the best. You should keep an eye out for deals from clearances and discontinued brands. This is a good way to increase your song collection at a low cost. That doesn't mean that you should purchase songs just because you don't already have them or they're cheap. There is no sense in loading your song books with songs that nobody will ever request.

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Rick Wise

Top Hits Monthly